Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wedding of Tobias and Nicole

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Tobias and Nicole in Hamburg.
I did a full reportage of 10h, covering the preps, ceremony and party. It was a great wedding and for the first time I used the Fuji X100 along with my Nikons. So how did that work.
Well from all my final final pictures around 30% were done with the Fuji. I really liked using it during the preps, in the church and at the reception. For real low light action I found it too slow. Also the Nikon D3 is just hard to beat for low ISO shots. But I really like the lightweight body and traditional camera layout. So I will use it for sure again next week when 2 more weddings come up.
I am also considering getting a X1 Pro with the 35mm 1,4. The idea of having small and unobtrusive cameras is quite intriguing. And seriously after a couple of hours the Nikon just gets real heavy on my back.....

Anyways here are a couple of photos from that wedding. Most of those are done with the x100.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Wedding pic of the week #1

Here is one of my favorites from this weekend's wedding shoot. I am still editing the rest of the photos and once I am done I will post a selection on this blog.
For the first time I also used the Fuji x100 on a job and I liked it quite a lot. I probably used it for 70% of the photos. But like I said I will post more of it later.
This shot was done with a Nikon D3.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

street photography

i just love walking around with my camera and taking pictures of my environment. roaming the streets and trying to find good stories in everyday life.
i haven't been able to do so as much as i would like but i managed to get around a bit. so here are a few pictures from last week in hamburg. enjoy...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

tap dance artist brenda bufalino

yesterday i had the pleasure of performing together with tap dance legend brenda bufalino in hamburg.
together with an outstanding jazz quintet  we played at the "sprechwerk" and we truly had a lot of fun.
to me brenda bufalino is one of the most inspiring tap dance artists ever. her work has an artistic depth that is hardly found in tap. she really brings this dance form to another level.
the band members were markus voigt (tr), lorenz bösche (p), oliver karstens (b) & stefan dahm (dr).

so here are a few pictures from the rehearsals. all pictures were taken with the fuji x100. and btw anybody who thinks that this camera is too slow for moving subjects.... i don't think so. it is perfect to capture dance. anticipate!