Thomas Marek is an artist in multiple genres. He is a tap dancer, choreographer and teacher as well as a photographer. His photographic work is mostly focused on wedding documentaries, portraits and street photography.
His interest for photography started in his teens and after getting hold of a Nikon FG it quickly became a great passion and a means of artistic expression. In the early 1990s he started taking black and white portraits of fellow dancers, actors and artists, developing them in his own darkroom. By 1997 he got first assignments shooting promotion photos for theater productions and actors and it slowly became a second profession side by side with his dancing and theater work.
Today he is comissioned to work for a variety of editorial, corporate, performing arts and mostly weddings.
Artistically his dancing and his photography go side by side and complement and inspire each other.
His web portfolio can be found at www.marek-photography.com

Thomas Marek started tap dancing at age 14 and about two years after studying at local dance studios near Stuttgart, Germany he met Brenda Bufalino at a workshop. She quickly became his most influencial teacher in his beginning years. He later also had the opportunity to get to know and to study with tap innovators and old timers like Honi Coles, Cholly Atkins, Chuck Green, Buster Brown, Lon Chaney and Jimmy Slyde.
After finishing school in 1992  and an intensive training period in the USA Thomas Marek became a professional tap dancer, focusing on his own artistic performances and tap dance productions.
In his artistic work Thomas Marek is blending traditional and modern jazz and rhythm tap with contemporary musical and theatrical elements. He is a regular guest in theaters and festivals all over Germany, Europe and the USA.
He performed in Spain, Brazil, Israel, France, in the USA and in many theaters all over Germany and he danced on stage  with tap dance masters like Brenda Bufalino, Sarah Petronio, Jimmy Slyde, Gregory Hines and others.
As a tap teacher he works nationally and internationally. He taught at the Internationalen Tanzwochen, Vienna 1996; at Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center NYC, the New York City Tap Festival 2005 ; The Herräng Dance Camp 2008 - 2012, in Israel, France, and Switzerland and of course all over Germany and in his own studio Footprints, Hamburg.
More about Thomas Marek's dance projects can be found at: www.thomasmarek.com

At the moment Thomas Marek lives in Hamburg, Germany.